Use, not abuse

A common belief is that children are the only truly honest people. That’s not quite true. You see, we are completely honest when we say we care about the people who will wear our slippers. And because we do, we do our very best to make sure that our manufacturing and production processes are as kind to nature as possible. We have extensive experience of delivering sheepskin products to large parts of the world. Since we started in 1982 we have accumulated invaluable knowledge and insight that allows us to maintain an even, high standard in all our products.

We also place strict demands on our subcontractors in terms of raising and caring for animals. We only buy hides from suppliers and sheep farmers who have signed an agreement guaranteeing that they do not practice mulesing. A local veterinary signs the same agreement. All hide processing, both in our own factories and those of our subcontractors, is subject to rigid environmental specifications. To guarantee that our products do not contain anything that might harm people, animals or the environment, all substances used in our products are tested and approved by SATRA, an independent research and testing organization.
A combination of smart transportation, fewer chemicals and better conditions for everyone involved in our products results in both slippers and a conscience we can live with. For a long time.

You can read more about our demands on animal husbandry and our Code of Conduct here.